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When scheduling, please try to consider my availability.

When awaiting my replies by email, please make sure to check your spam folders; especially, if you use AOL, Outlook, Yahoo or other email providers. These email providers may misplace email messages addressed to you into spam/bulk folders

 To arrange and speed up scheduling of your massage, please consider checking your email every 2-5 hours or at least once in 24 hours once you have emailed me your request to schedule your massage with me. 

 Please Remember: When you are at the front door of my building (1476 Warrensville Manor {Mayfield Road & Warrensville Center Road}, Cleveland Heights, 44121), you will need to dial # 104 on the intercom, which is internal code to ring my phone, but report to suit # 108 on the first floor.


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I am Bob

I am giving massage for relaxation, stress and muscle tension relief. I am mainly focusing on neck, shoulders, upper/lower back, thighs and calf muscles, which are the areas where stress and tension mostly reside.

Massages relieve backache and tightness in the back and improve blood circulation throughout the body, I also work on thighs and legs, which will relieve the tightness in hamstrings and calves and improves blood circulation in legs.

My therapeutic  massage covers a large area of your body and I will work your glute and thigh areas.  My efforts are to relieve the stress and muscle tension that builds up in the human body.  Back and leg tension that can grow over time can be reduced with a body massage.

                                                                                                         I have started giving  massage over 10 years ago and my intention has always been helping folks feel benefits of body massage.   I have been known for charging lower rates for my services and some of my clients / friends say that it may harm my image as a masseur.  But I continue charging lower rates because it's a way I would rather have it be.  


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Session rates

I charge from $15 to $20 (fifteen to twenty dollars) for 1:30-2 hours massage session unless I am mentioning lower rate in my advertisements to folks I have seen for massage before.

Please pay after your massage only, before you are ready to leave.

I do not expect any tips for my massage services.


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 When it comes to scheduling, any advance notice does matter.

I should be able to see you for massage on one of the following days and hours unless I am already booked. The following schedule works best in case you would like to book up your session 3-7 days or longer in advance. However, you may try scheduling for the same day with no advance notice and I would see you if I am available.

*The times between "from and to " in following schedule indicate earliest and latest hour you can get to my place for massage,  but I guess exceptions can be made especially if it's Fri or Sat evenings. 

Mon, Wed, Fri anytime from 5:30pm to 9:30pm,

Tue, Thurs from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Sat, Sun, anytime from 9:30am to 9:30pm

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Important notes:

Prior to scheduling a massage, please be aware that you need to be height/weight proportionate or taller/thinner person in order to benefit from my massage service. If you are in doubt whether you would benefit from my massage services because of your body proportions, please inquire me via email prior to responding to the following questionnaire to save your time.


I mostly use non-scented massage Oil to moisturize the skin during my massage sessions. In case you do not feel comfortable to be totally uncovered for your massage, you may choose to be draped with a sheet or towel. I would like to note that shoulders, upper and lower back, thighs, upper legs and calf muscles are the most tension-accumulated areas of the body.

I do not really recommend to take a shower at my place right before your massage because it would be hard for me to work on damp skin right away. Some exceptions may be made, but I would not recommend to take a shower right before your massage for the sake of your own benefits from massage.


Post-Massage Care

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Satisfying your needs and preferences

If you have time, please help me determine your needs and preferences by indicating your brief answers to the following questions.

To save your time please copy and paste the following questions into your email message body or respond briefly by indicating (Y, N) or your brief answer or just state that you have no objections to what is being asked in the questions.



Neck, upper/lower back, gluts (hips), front and back of thighs, calf muscles are critically important areas to concentrate during therapeutic/sports full body massage because those areas carry most of tension in the body. During my massage sessions I am commonly devoting most of the time to the body parts I have listed above.

I am also focusing on foot, chest and lower stomach/abdomen massage, but maybe  not as much as I am focusing on the body areas I have listed above.



                                                                                                        Thank you!

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My Location

1476 Warrensville Center Road on borderline of South Euclid and Cleveland Heights, Ohio. It is on the corner of Mayfield and Warrensville Center Road, The building "Warrensville Manor 1476" is located next to Subway shop, BP station is on the opposite side. As the numbers on the front keypad and suite numbers don't match, please buzz me at #104 on front intercom to make your presence known, but you need to report to #108, which is the suite on the first floor.

Parking lot will be on your right hand as you pull in towards my building, please park your car onto any free space you see. 

Please make a good note of the following:

When you are at the front door of my building, you will need to dial # 104 on front intercom which is internal code to ring my phone, but report to suit # 108 on the first floor

Please use my zip code 44121 if you want to look up driving directions to my place in Cleveland Heights on the Net.


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How to get in touch

 Clients' Testimonials

From: Richard B.
To: Robert <>
Subject: Re: Thank You...

hi robert,
i really enjoy having your massage, My whole body is relieved and your massage especially helped my lower back and legs. I hope to make it over your way again when i get the time.
thank you for a great massage.


From: "Todd"   Add to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert 


Subject: RE: Massage...

  Hi Rob, I feel very relaxed after your massage. The WHOLE massage was

great, I did feel great afterwards. I will contact by the end of this week to schedule another massage.    Todd

From: "John"  Add to Address Book  Add Mobile Alert 

Subject: Re: Massage...


hey bob--

Loved your massage last time...

Feel relaxed all over, backache and tension is gone, not sure for how long though.

it was great. Obviously, would have to see more regularly to keep the benefits.

I will be scheduling with you again in a week or so


From: Jeff Add to Address Book
Subject: No Subject

Hi Robert

Just wanted to say thanks, the massage was great. I definitely will be coming back for another as soon as i get the time.



From: (email address hidden as requested by client) Will client rehire you: Yes

I have been seeing Bob for years. He is one of the best masseurs in the local area. He concentrates on the back, glutes, legs and feet. I spend most of my time on my stomach. The massage is sensual without being too much like some. I know many people question his rates that are so low and wonder if he is really worth it. But I can say that if you are in need of massage for a low low rate this is the guy that needs to be your regular.

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One thing to let you know beforehand

I need to inform you that I have a bit unclear speech, which does not prevent me from giving massages for over ten years now.  I want to ensure you will be able to understand me very well as people usually understand me with no problem; besides, I hardly talk when giving massage.


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